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Ball and Chain - Ch 6 - Page 02 REDO

June 2nd, 2016, 1:05 pm

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So, here's why I decided to redo the first 2 pages of Chapter 6:

Warning: Personal babble ahead!

I started Ball & Chain after a break-up with a manipulative, emotionally-abusive person. I felt super isolated and disenchanted -and the least self-destructive thing I could do in order to cope with my anger was draw people beating the shit out of each other in a gladiator arena. Poetic, I know!

The relationship between Dorioth and Sliver, now that I look back, would have worked so much better as magical platonic friends tied together by a really intense adventure (which is what I will be trying to go for now). Considering that Dorioth lead her on and then ditched her for other girls when he KNEW of her feelings, he just makes a shitty choice for a romantic lead. I had a helluva time justifying his actions, and NO. Just no. I can’t!

I grew up. I need to let my characters grow up with me.

In light of this realization, I felt it was necessary to have a (female) character that’s able to say, no, you treated me like shit, this won’t work - and address her problems head on.

I’ve tried really hard to make Dorioth likeable in the latest chapter (in a cocky, heroic-fail kind of way), but that doesn’t excuse his behaviour towards Sliver. I like the character and I regret writing him like this. :( Curse you, past self!

Thank you all for your support and understanding in this matter! I will now move on to page 8 - after a bit more angst, the chapter will have some fun Gretel bits! Yaaay!

You can see the original Page 02 in my DeviantArt gallery, by CLICKING HERE. This version will NOT be included in the comic canon and it will be removed from this site.

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